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SuperSU apk is the widely used application managing tool. Supersu Apk was developed by the Android developer Chainfire. It is the famous root-only application which works only on the rooted devices. It’s main use to manage all the apps you have installed in android mobile, you can even grant or deny the root access to all your android apps.

Supersu apk download

Once after you rooted your device, you will able to access applications which were previously restricted to the unrooted device. Now you are going to access lots and lots of applications with new models. You will feel a headache managing all those apps with different features.

Supersu APK Download for android

Basically, this is all about which application should root access and which should not the access. This all can be done by SuperSU Binary Apk which makes our work easier. It is the user-friendly application for the rooted Android mobile devices. It was not updated from a long time, and the SuperSU Apk marshmallow version has no complaints. It has a good rating in the Google Play Store.

SuperSU apk application tool is available in two versions, one is a free version and other is the paid version. Both versions are available in the play store. Supersu apk app can be even locked so that no changes can be made in your mobile without your permission.SuperSU apk can be device even to unroot the device temporarily or permanently, it works in all situations even when you root your device properly. It helps in the troubleshooting of the device issues.

SuperSU beta works only on the rooted Android devices, you can’t even install on the unrooted devices. When you install SuperSU app on your rooted mobile and run other apps, you will get a pop up from Superuser Zip whether you want to allow it or not.

SuperSU gives you complete control over the apps you use on your rooted Android mobile device. Rooting is the delicate process which makes the one thing well before doing to the mobile, SuperSU makes this process easier to the device after rooting.

features of the Chainfire SuperSU apk and understand them properly to get the best from this app:

  • Pops up a notification when any app is running for the root access.
  • Safety is high because of the availability of the pin facility.
  • It works background all the time in ghost mode. It waits for any other application to run, once it runs it will ask permission for the root access.
  • It’s a trustworthy application which can use on the rooted device without a thought.
  • The size of the app is less so that it can easily manage on the device.
  • SuperSU Latest makes the rooting process easy to be managed by the individual thus making the rooting process user-friendly.
  • Download SuperSU apk is compatible with all the devices making its versatile nature.
  • It temporarily and permanently unroots the device from the rooting process.
  • Themes can be selected from the four different options available in the app.
  • When you download SuperSU Pro apk on your Android phone, then you get access to another application called Super User. Super User which helps in managing the access rights to all the apps installed in the rooted Android device.
  • SuperSU Binary Apk provides configurations for each and every app separately.

How to use SuperSU apk:

  • Go to Google Play Store, download SuperSU apk and install to your rooted Android device.
  • After installing the SuperSU app, reboot the Android device.
  • The  SuperSU app icon can be seen in the menu, click on the icon and click on  Continue option.
  • Then now you will find now the option Su Binary files. If that option appears on the screen, it means that the Superuser Zip is installed successfully.
  • Always try to keep the apps less you want to access with the rooting option.• Don’t include all the apps which you use on your Android device.
  • Check Settings and click on Re-Authentication tab and make it enable so that it pops up asking for permission when any app is reinstalled or updated.
  • The Rooting can be disabled by disabling the Super User option, click on settings.

Method 2:

  • First, install the Root Explorer app from the Google Play Store, click on the mount r/w option and change to be r/o, click on the data folder.
  • Tap on the app folder Then the SuperSU folder and click the delete option.
  • Now go back to the Root Explorer tab and click on system folder followed by app option and in that click on SuperSU app option. That’s it the SuperSU is successfully uninstalled from your Rooted Android device.

Download Supersu Apk Latest Version

There are no other applications for the rooted Android device with the same function. It is the best app to download on the rooted Android device.Many people are against the rooting and suggest not to root your Android device, with this app it’s very safe after rooting process. The apps on the Android mobile device can be handled easily without any issue.

In spite of various functions performed by SuperSU apk, it may create even some serious problems. It may cause some technical problems, in that case, the app can’t be used anymore and needed to uninstall. But here the problem, you can’t uninstall the SuperSU app. Don’t be panic about your mobile, this problem has a solution, will discuss briefly it.

Finally, Super SU is nothing but the firewall between the applications on your Android device and the root of your device. So the best and first app needed to be installed on your rooted Android device is the SuperSU app which helps in saving your Android device from rooting process and handling all your mobile applications in an efficient way. Before installing the  SuperSU app on your device, check whether you rooted Android device is compatible or not.

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