App: The Additional Software Designed For Your Gadgets

The abbreviation for application is termed as ‘app’. In simple terms, an app is a piece of software which can be run either through a web browser or by offline means on your computer, mobile, smart device, smart electronic devices like smart TVs. Some apps require an internet connection for operation while some operate offline.

An app is the modern term for software applications and is generally used in reference to mobile application or small software on the desktops. Any small software program can be called an app. There are three main categories of apps: mobile, desktop, and web.

Mobile apps are the ones that are meant strictly for your smart mobile phones. With easy operation through your fingers or stylus, these require less space on the storage disk of your mobile phone. Games, educational programs, messaging programs are some of the most used apps on a mobile phone.

Desktop apps are relatively fuller than mobile apps. These contain all the required features to run the app on the large screen and require large storage space. The mobile equivalent of these apps is simpler and easier. You might need a keyboard, mouse, large display to function a desktop application.

Web apps, on the other hand, are also loaded with additional features but they have to influence the competence of the internet connection and the web browser. Therefore, most of the web apps are lightweight while some are heavy duty apps and do perform well just like a mobile or desktop program.

The blend of desktop app and the web app is called a hybrid app. Such apps have an offline desktop interface which have a direct access to the hardware as well as other devices connected to it. Besides, these also have an always-on internet connection to provide quick updates and access internet resources.

One can download these applications from the app stores. Every platform has a repository from where the users can download the desired app, both free and paid. Usually, these are accessible through the device or the website (in the case of web apps). All you need is an internet connection and sufficient storage on the device to download and install an app.

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