Android: A Software To Smartly Operate Your Smart Device

Android is software for smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and a wide range of similar devices including everything from in-car entertainment to wearable computing. This software was launched in the year 2003 and has been ruling the world of the mobile operating system(OS) ever since.

Android is also called Android Open Source Project (ASOP) as this is an open source project led by Google. Google acquired Android in 2005 and uses this project as a ground to create its own version of the software (Android) to be used by other manufacturers or companies.

Since Android is an operating system, it works as a translator for the user and their gadget. Whenever you use a function on your gadget or device, Android provides you a button to tap and instructs the phone/device about what action to take when you tap the button. While making/receiving a call, the Android operating system tells your phone to do that. When you open a game, android tells the game about your movements and the buttons you are pressing. Just like what windows do to your computer, android does for mobile devices.

The Android software is developed in partnership with Google, which releases time-to-time major updates at the platform. The Android software is currently being operated on over a billion devices with tech giants like Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, HTC, LG amongst few of the manufacturers. The mascot of android is a green robot.

People usually compare android with iOS (iPhone Operating System) to figure out the differences between them. The only difference is in the appearance, presence, and feel of the device and its operation. Both are equally effective to run applications, connect with the internet, capture multimedia etc. though the ease of use and customization is relatively good in the android phones. Android can be operated in all kinds of devices whether cheap or expensive.

Every year, a new version of Android is launched with some brand-new features. They are named on candies with consecutive alphabets. The most recent version is Oreo as it is the Android O release.

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